D. S. TechStar, Inc. was incorporated in 1990 in the State of Ohio, USA. The founders have over 100 years combined experience in developing and engineering bridge related products, such as expansion joints, bearing systems, shear keys, and damping systems. Over the past 28 years, TechStar has expanded its fabrication base considerably. Today TechStar supports a network of partners around the world producing TechStar Engineered Products for markets in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, South America and of course TechStar’s home base in North America.

As TechStar grew so did the product base. TechStar now supports parallel wire cable products from SPCC in China, having won the cable bid for the Self Anchoring Suspension Bridge in San Francisco.  Several other cable structures have been installed recently in North America, Africa and South America.

TechStar is proud to be an exporter of USA steel. TechStar sells over 20,000 meters of modular expansion joint each year. The steel used to fabricate these expansion joints is made here in the USA and supplied to our partners overseas, even to China.

TechStar is committed to growth and development of new and smart ideas for the future. We look forward to serving you soon!

TechStar will provide the discipline and leadership for unsurpassed success in modular joint and bridge component technology.