Bearing Systems

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Ringling Bridge

Bridge Pot Bearings are one type of bearing system used for transferring loads and movements from the deck to the substructure and foundations. In highway bridge Pot Bearings movements are accommodated by the basic mechanisms of internal deformation (elastomeric), sliding (PTFE), or rolling. The mechanical Pot Bearing was the first of a wide variety of bearings that have evolved using various combinations of these mechanisms.

The advanced design of TechStar Pot Bearings is based on the latest developments in bearing engineering and is accomplished with the help of finite element analysis. TechStar Pot Bearings can be designed in accordance with AASHTO Allowable Stress Design, Load Reduction Factor Design (LRFD), BS 5400, DIN standards, or to the Japanese Code (JIS). The detailing of the shop drawings for TechStar Bearings is performed on a modern Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) system that enables the adaptation of Bearings to fit almost any combination of loads, movements, and rotations. Special dimensional conditions can also be satisfied.

Types of Mechanical Bearings

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