Disc Bearings

TechStar Disc Bearings


The TechStar ‘Disc Bearing’ solution offers a lower profile (vertical height) than typical Pot Bearings.  Even with the lower profile, Disc Bearings can provide the same load capacity and movement as Pot Bearings provide.  Another advantage that Disc Bearings has over Pot Bearings, is not relying on rubber seals to retain the elastomer, therefore offering the potential for greater service life. In the United States and all over the world, Bridge Builders are using Disc Bearings more and more.  TechStar disc bearings can be found in the States of Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Rhode Island.  They can also be found in countries such as Qatar, Bangkok and India.  TechStar manufactures Disc Bearings in their facilities in the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, China and India.

Advantages of Disc Bearing
  1. Lower cost;
  2. Easier to fabricate (shorter period for production);
  3. Better performance of rotation;
  4. Easier solution to uplift bearings.
Uplift Bearing Rendering
The disc shall be held in location by a positive locator device.  At the service limit state, the disc shall be designed so that:
  • Its instantaneous deflection under total load does not exceed ten percent of the thickness of the unstressed disc, and the additional deflection due to creep does not exceed eight percent of the thickness of the unstressed disc
  • The components of the bearing do not lift off each other at any location
  • The average compressive stress on the disc does not exceed 5.0 ksi.  If the outer surface of the disc is not vertical, the stress shall be computed using the smallest plan area of the disc

Design Types