Laminated Bearings

Laminated Elastomeric Bearing (TEB)

TechStar supplies many types of bearings to many regions and climates throughout the world.  One type, elastomeric laminated bridge bearings (TEB), continue to provide excellent service and quality, proving invariably their efficiency and durability. TEBs have advantages over alternative metallic mechanical bearings, being easier to install, effective in corrosive environments and requiring no maintenance.  These advantages are quantifiable in the economics of bridge building.

The design and positioning of the TEB allows for vertical loads (deck and traffic) to be taken by the rubber in compression and horizon­tal deflections (expansion and contraction) by the rubber in shear.  Stiffness is achieved by inserting horizontal metal plates, which do not alter the required low horizontal stiffness. Under maximum traffic and deck load the amount of vertical deflection must be limited and bearings can be precisely designed so that it does not exceed a few millimeters,of which only a fraction will be due to live load.

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