Cable For Structures

Cable for Stadiums, Airports and other Large Architectural Projects.

TechStar along with its Cable Supplier SPCC, can supply steel cable for Large Construction Projects. Whether it be a new Stadium, Airport, Pavillion etc., TechStar & SPCC will provide quality Cable Solutions to tailor any Project.

Cable for construction can be diversified according to the different requirements for structures and exterior appearances. The cable body can adopt the twisting and high density Polythene extruding, wire rope (galvanized or stainless steel), steel strand and rigid rod. Sockets could be hot casting sockets, cold casting sockets, swage fitting sockets and wedge sockets, etc. The shape of sockets can be designed to varied type in order to meet the requirement of the structure. Please contact us today to see how TechStar/SPCC can help you with your Construction Project.

Project Examples:

  • Shanghai International Exhibition Center, Shanghai China
  • Shanghai Indoor Stadium, Shanghai
  • Guangzhou Stadium, Guangzhou
  • Pudong International Airport, Shanghai
  • Changchun International Exhibition Center, changchun