NeoCable Wrap

Elastomeric Cable Wrap System for Suspension Bridges

NeoCable Wrap is a three-part cable protection system. The first layer is a neoprene caulk that is placed on the wire. The second layer is a wrapping of the cable with an uncured neoprene sheet that wraps upon itself in a spiral manner. The sheet is a cohesive and cures as a continuous membrane. The final layers is a hypolon paint coating (any color can be specified). The first application in the USA was on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in 1973. After 30 years of service the cable was recently inspected and found to be in excellent condition. Other notable bridges that incorporate this system are the Brooklyn Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge, the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the Akashi Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, near Kobe, Japan.

Thirty-year Track Record
The first application was a trial application on a section of the Mt. Hope Bridge in Rhode Island in 1969 with the first major installation being on the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge over Chesapeake Bay at Annapolis, Maryland in 1973.

Ease of Installation
The NeoCablewrap System is easily installed with simple hand-held tools. No expensive machinery is required.

Variety of Applications

The NeoCablewrap System can be used for

  • New or existing suspension bridges
  • Existing suspension bridges with or without the existing wire wrap removed
  • Ideal for sectional repairs