Parallel Wire Cable Stays

Over 100 Cable Stayed Bridges in the Last 10 Years

TechStar’s Chinese PWS Stay Cable Supplier SPCC, has provided parallel wire cable stays to over 100 cable stayed structures in the past ten years. Shanghai Pujiang can produce cables for the longest cable stayed bridges from almost any size wire. All cables are fatigued tested, usually at Construction Technology Laboratories in Skokie, Illinois. TechStar will assist any designer or contractor with a proposal for a cable stayed application.

Stay cablea are fabricated by high strength galvanized wire twisted with a light degree, extruding High Density Polythene outer of the wire bundle and fixed sockets to both ends of cable body. It could be widely used on cable stayed bridge, tie for arch bridge, hangers, suspenders for suspension bridge and special structure. SPCC developed the Cable with Helical Fillets and anti-corrosion cable and these cables have been successfully used on large span cable stayed bridge in both domestic and overseas market.