PWS For Suspension Bridges

Over 50 Suspension Bridges in last 10 years

TechStar’s PWS supplier SPCC, is the most recognized name in the manufacturing of PWS having produced cables for over 50 suspension bridges in the past ten years. PWS are stands containing a number of wires that are bundled together into hexagons. These bundles contain 127 wires or more. The process of erecting the bundles into the main cable is much faster than aerial spinning. There are documented cases where months of spinning were eliminated. In the case of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridges, such as the New Bay Bridge in San Francisco, Aerial Spinning cannot be performed and PWS is required.

On average, SPCC supplies over 70,000 tons of PPWS Cable per year.

Project Examples:

  • New San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge
  • Zhoushan Xhoumen Bridge
  • Runyang Yangtze River Bridge
  • Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge