High Damping Rubber Bearing

High Damping Rubber Bearing (HDRB)

The TechStar HDRB isolators contain layers of rubber and reinforcing steel plates. These components let the HDRB isolate the bridge/building/structure due to the horizontal stiffness and they can dissipate energy up to 16% damping due to high damping rubber compound.  A HDRB isolators fulfil the following requirements: Transmit the vertical loads due to permanent and accidental effects ; Capacity to support horizontal loads due to service load conditions with very low displacements; Capacity of isolate the structure by shifting the fundamental vibration period to an optimal and safe level; Capacity to dissipate energy to reduce the horizontal displacement of the isolated structure with respect to the ground.  HDRB’s do not damage the structure that remains due to the elastic response for high intensity earthquakes with no interruption of the structural function. This is a primary goal for strategic structures (hospitals, control rooms, etc…)