Testing facilities – Rubber Physical Properties

  • Tensile Properties Test
  • Hardness Test (ASTM Shore A, JIS Shore A, IRHD)
  • Hot Air Heat Aging Test (up to 300ºC)
  • Compression Set Test
  • Ozone Resistance Test (up to 400 pphm)
  • Moisture Content Test (Chemicals, Fillers & Compounded Rubbers)
  • Quadruple Shear Test
  • Imaging Analysis (For dirt particles/contamination detection)
  • ISO/DIN Abrasion Resistance Test
  • Low Temperature Brittleness Test (up to -70ºC)
  • Density/SG Test
  • Rheology Test
  • Tear Resistance Test (Trouser and Crescent)
  • Flame Retardant Test
  • Fluid/Oil Immersion Test
  • Rebound Resilience Test

Dynamic Viscous Damping Testing Machine

Vertical, Compression Capacity: 2,000 tonnes
Lateral/Horizontal, Shear Capacity: 200 tonnes Displacement: ± 500 mm