Elastomeric Joint

Elastomeric Expansion Joint (TEJ)

The TechStar Elastomeric Expansion Joint (TEJ) is a water tight expansion joint that allows for the absorption of deck movements.  TEJ is comprised of steel angles and a steel bridging plate system encased in flexible elastomer.  The TEJ is restrained to the structure with proper anchor bolts. The reinforcing metal profiles made of steel are completely inserted and vulcanised to the rubber. This process guarantees corrosion resistance and allows a longer life duration to the joint. The TEJ is also able to accommodate vertical movements and variations in height.


  • Robust and Long Durability
  • Movement Accommodation up to 330mm+
  • Encased in Corrosive Resistant Elastomer
  • Water Tightness and Anti-Skidding
  • Smooth Wear Resistant Surfacing