Finger Joints

Finger Type expansion joints used in bridge construction are an ideal component to accommodate bridge expansion and contraction while reducing the amount of noise pollution that occurs in other alternative joint types.  The primary components of the Finger Type expansion joint consist of steel plates (sliding) that are connected to each side of the road surface’s gap. Finger Joints are designed with in a (fingers of a hand) type of pattern, where the steel plates accommodate movement within one another & allow movement along the axis of the fingers themselves. Since there are no moving parts attached to the joint, cantilever moments reduce the stress induced to the structure. There is a large replaceable gutter below the joint which is made of reinforced neoprene and provides an efficient drainage system into the bridge’s ducts. The gutter also limits the build up of standing water to reduce the possibility of vehicles aquaplaning.

TechStar’s finger joints reduce noise pollution.  Drivers and residential and commercial real estate nearby the roads where the Finger Joints are applied can enjoy more comfort from noises that occur on the Finger Joint plates. 

There are two types of TechStar Finger Joints: TechStar Finger Joint Type A (TSF A) and TechStar Finger Joint Type B (TSF B).  TSF A has a movement capacity of 800mm  while TSF B has a movement capacity of 120mm (is a noise reduction substitute for strip seal joints).  In applications where effective maintenance practices are carried out then TechStar’s Finger Joints will last for a very long time and as such they offer a very cost-effective and durable solution for most bridge applications. Every TechStar Finger Joint is custom designed and fabricated to individual specifications.

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