Finger Joint Type A

Finger Joint Type A (TSF A) 

TSF A is a type of finger joint that is suitable for bridges with heavy traffic loading and movements between 100mm and 800mm. It includes a steel-rubber bonded system, which is either fixed directly to the supporting structure with chemical anchors on a prepared surface, or is bolted to a steel substructure which is concreted in place. The finger plates are pre-tensioned downwards as a result of a slight inclination at installation, and the tips of their fingers thus maintain constant contact with the sliding surface at the opposite side of the bridge gap. A watertight drainage channel beneath the joint is designed to accommodate all movements.

  • Strengths of TSF A finger joint:
    1.     High-quality steel-rubber composite system ensures increased durability
    2.     Minimal installation depth; quicker and simpler installation as compared with conventional joints
    3.     Less influence on traffic during replacement
    4.     Low noise under traffic due to the design with interlocking fingers
    5.     High driver comfort due to the special connection and support of sliding finger plates
    6.     Reliable prevention of protrusion above the driving roads

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