Finger Joint Type B

Finger Joint Type B (TSF B)

TSF B type is a finger joint (which is also named as Low Noise Strip-seal Joint) that is suitable for bridges with heavy traffic loading and movements up to 120mm. It consists as a hybrid system of both strip seal system elements and a finger-plate system. This type of finger joint provides considerably enhanced noise reduction by up to 70%. The installation of such a joint is very similar to that of a modular joint. A watertight drainage channel beneath the joint is designed to accommodate all movements.

  • Strengths of TSF B finger joint:
    1.     Take higher loading compared with strip seals
    2.     It is easier to do replacement or repairing compared with strip seals and less influence on traffic during replacement or repairing will occur
    3.     Low noise under traffic due to the design with interlocking fingers
    4.     High driver comfort
    5.     Reliable prevention of protrusion above the driving roads
    6.     Combination of the strengths of strip seal joints and finger joints.

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