Technical Strengths

TechStar MEJS Technical Strengths

  • Quality Control (MEJS Birth Certificate) – Tight tolerances permit long term success. TechStar develops a “checklist” of tolerances to be recorded for each joint. This checklist is like a birth certificate, it describes every step of production, every critical measurement is recorded and this document is provided to the client as proof of complete quality control.

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  • Full Depth Edge Barriers – The edge beam should have full depth edge skirting which prohibits concrete intrusion into support bar boxes.

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  • Elastic Connection – TechStar’s Modular Expansion Joint Design does not weld the Center Beam to the Support Bar, instead using Elastic components, TechStar’s design creates and Elastic Connection.  This eliminates a fatigue problem of welds and permits damping of the modular joints through the elastomeric component.


  • Parallel Support Bars– TechStar’s MEJS design has Parallel Support Bars that can be aligned with the wheel lanes.  Parallel Support Bars provide sufficient clearance for concrete and reinforcing steel.  Support bar spacing can be reduced for larger truck loading conditions.

MEJS-5 ~ 6-Cell

  • Outside the Box – TechStar’s MEJS design accommodates easy replacement of all the smaller components such as Slide Bearings and Slide Springs.  This is due to these smaller components being outside of any restrictive box, allowing accessibility for quick and easy replacement when necessary.



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