MEJ Swivel

Seismic protected expansion joints accommodating transverse movement


Earthquakes are always problematic to bridges. The large displacements that earthquakes cause can destroy a standard modular expansion joint, making the roadway and bridge impassible. D. S. TechStar developed the technology to permit the transverse movement that occurs during such seismic events.

With TechStar’s ‘swivel joint’ movements for seismic conditions are now provided, enabling the modular joint to “swivel” and absorb the transverse movements that occur during earthquakes or due to wind. The swivel modular joints by TechStar are considered the highest quality in this area.  The first major bridge to incorporate TechStar “swivel” joints was the Carquinez Br. Approach structure, near San Francisco, California, an area well known for seismic activity. The swivel joints are capable of providing both longitudinal and transverse movements during seismic events enabling the bridge to remain open for all emergency traffic that is required at the time.

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