TechFlex Rubber Joint

The TechFlex system is similar to the common Transflex Elastomeric Rubber joints pervasively used in Bridge and Highway construction worldwide.  TechFlex can be used on highway bridge decks on all classes of roads and motorways.  TechFlex Rubber (Elastomeric) Joints are comprised of steel angles and a steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer. They are supplied in module lengths designed to be bolted to the structural concrete on either side of the expansion gap. A range of models are available to accommodate movement up to 330mm, providing a substantially waterproof joint and a smooth running surface.

• Movement accommodation up to 330mm
• Same system as the common Transflex system
• Corrosive resistant elastomer casing
• Accommodates skew movement
• Factory vulcanised kerb and skew kerb units to special order
• Membrane system included for maximum waterproofing

Principal applications:
• Highway bridge decks
• Service Ramps
• Multi-storey car parks

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