Reinforcement Bar (SS Rebar)

Overview of Stainless Steel Reinforcement:

A stainless steel reinforcement bar is a block that holds the concrete in compression by acting as a counter balancing device in reinforced masonry and reinforced concrete structures. As concrete has a very strong density or firmness, it is very weak in tension. To balance between concrete’s firmness and weakness a rebar is mold into it so that a rebar can perform as an extensible load. A rebar performs the same role with masonry structures as they have the same properties as of concrete. Stainless steel reinforcement has points or ridges so that it can act as a better anchoring mechanism into the concrete. Stainless steel reinforcement bars along with stainless steel reinforcement wires are widely used in the process of building various construction units such as flyover bridges, skyscraper buildings, river dams and canals, etc. Furthermore, these stainless steel reinforcements also hold some of the element called Molybdenum (Mo) that contains enzymes making it more corrosion resistive. Stainless steel reinforcing bars and wires are commonly used where there is high chloride level in the soil as they are rust and corrosive resistant.

Why Choose Raajratna for Stainless Steel Reinforcement:

Raajratna Metal Industries are an “ISO 9001:2008” accredited stainless steel manufacturer. We are one of the largest and most reliable stainless steel reinforcing bars, stainless steel reinforcing wires, stainless steel welding wires, stainless steel bright bars, stainless steel cold heading wire and stainless spring wires producers. Furthermore, since our inception in 1990, we have deployed state of the art technology that enables us to achieve an optimal output of 30,000 tons annually. We have also been awarded every year since 1991 for excellence in exports. In addition to this, when it comes to the manufacturing of stainless steel reinforcing wires and stainless steel reinforcing bars, Raajratna is considered the best. We are the first in India to receive BS EN ISO 9001 2008 Product Conformity Certification and Quality Management System Certification from CARES, a UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steel.

Grade of Stainless Steel Reinforcing Wires and Bars:

At Raajratna, we believe in providing the premium quality stainless steel reinforcing wires and stainless steel reinforcing bars. We offer different grades of stainless steel reinforcement depending upon the type of corrosive atmosphere.