Stainless Steel Wire Rod






  • Diameter:  0.10mm to 20mm
  • Surface:  Bright and shiny with no grease, soft annealed – 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard etc.
  • Application: 
    Spring Wire for corrosion resistant springs, heat resistant springs, electronic and electrical appliance
    Electro polish wire for pet cages, kitchen ware, grill racks, decorative handles, wire baskets
    Cold heading wire for nut, bolt, tapping screws, machine screw, wood screw
    Weaving / braiding/ knitting wire for meshes, nets, screens, conveyer belts, kitchen appliances, wire cloths
    Tie wire for fastening cables, garden wattles, wattled walls, fencing
    Redraw wire for further drawing into fine and superfine wires

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