Oakland Bay Rollout

Product: Seismic Lead Core Bearings
Location: Oakland, California
News: TechStar Inc provides the Seismic Lead Core Bearings for the roll-in of 348 feet of the viaduct connecting the East Span with the tunnel on Yerba Buena Island. Installing the 3,600-ton double-deck steel truss was performed 150 feet above ground and entailed a sequence in which workers removed an existing section of the Bay Bridge using a skid bent system that rolled the old 300-foot long truss span out of the way and rolled the replacement span in position, re-directing traffic onto the detour structure. The primary challenge of this critical transition was to minimize disruption to the 280,000 vehicles that cross the bridge daily by installing the tie-in structure within an amazing timeframe of four days over the Labor Day weekend. Engineers designed the new roll-in truss such that after the roll-in, it matched the deck elevations of abutting structures within an inch. Their system contended with a narrow margin of error for responding to changes in field conditions.